Monthly Archives: March 2014

Debate this: is corned beef and cabbage Irish or American?

I can’t recall my mother ever making corned beef and cabbage, but I’ll bet that’s because she knew we kids wouldn’t eat it. Cabbage? Only as cole slaw on the side of our Monarch Diner’s Friday night fried clam dinners. My grandmother by marriage, Margaret Mary McCarthy, made New England boiled dinners, a descendant of […]

Let the good times roll…

  Fat Tuesday has come and gone, and lent is under way, but the memories of the food served at the annual fundraiser for WMPG radio will linger through the season of doing with less. For most of us, these days are symbolic rather than literal, but it’s fun to observe the last feast day […]

Fat Tuesday in Portland: Eat Cajun and Creole food at USM

  Fat Tuesday: Cook jambalaya, or let Portland chefs cook for me?           On this church-quiet morning, thermometer reading negative eight degrees, I sit in my big red leather reading chair, pen in hand, coffee close by, wrapped in my favorite blue shawl and gaze out the huge slider windows at the bare trees. Not […]